Evolution During Ownership

Once upon a time on EBay back when I worked for FedEx I bought an M715 in Illinois. Sent a flatbed semi to the owner's place and trucked it all the way back to Central Florida. Previous owner had already gotten it in running driving order. Cranked it up, backed it off the trailer and drove it 15 miles back to the house.

Here it is right before it was sold to me posing for EBay.

My first restoration ever. Literally took the thing apart down to the drivetrain in my backyard. Had each piece painted one by one. Added a winch. Took a while. Wife didn't like having an old truck frame up on blocks in the backyard for a year. Used the tractor bucket and a logging chain to put the bed back on by myself. Wife and I lifted the cab back on. Once she got involved I was in the clear!

Here it is after my first restoration. A back yard miracle.

OK admittedly the second restoration had serious mission creep!! Originally, I just wanted a more reliable engine. Being a USAF vet, instead of artillery fire support I called in the Spookies & the Warthogs. This later proved to be overkill, go figure, and the restoration it became a restomod! After mortgaging the house a third time and sending the kid off to Thailand to make Marha Stewart & Apple products the dream was realized!